W.William, RivertonRudy Lehto, Riverton
Kelvin C. Clayton, CheyenneW.C. Anderson, Casper
Walt Irvin, Jeffrey CityTony Venzer, Hudson
Pete Laird, SheridanEarl Nebelsick, Moorcroft
Norman Cline, DuboisDyle Whinford, Wheatland
Carroll Card, WheatlandDel Harbaugh, Sundance,
Marshall Broyles, CheyenneMurray Moore, Cheyenne
Wayne Lawrence, CheyenneMike Zanetti, Rock Springs
Charles D. Manken, Gillette
The WPTA was founded in Riverton, Wyoming in 1971.The purpose of forming this Association was to develop uniformity throughout the State in regards to the safety, routes, discipline, maintenance, purchasing and public relations of the bussing of children to and from school.The original founding members were a very diverse group which included individuals from the public, private and government sectors. With their vision and dedication to pupil transportation in the State of Wyoming, this site is sincerely dedicated.

What started as a vision among a few dedicated individuals has grown into  an educational conference whose average attendance is 750 participants Please go to the Workshop Page for more information.


The infamous "Snow Plow Bus" circa 1986

School Bus roll over class 1999

The nefarious tennis balls 1986 Rodeo